School Booking

Your booking

Please use the form below to request your BSMF tickets. When you have completed the form it will be sent directly to [email protected]. You will receive a copy of the email.

This form needs to be completed by Tuesday, 7th May.

What happens next

You pay for your tickets

Artsdepot will reserve these tickets for you plus one complimentary ticket (this is usually for your Head Teacher or another school guest — please do not include this extra ticket in your numbers). You will receive an invoice for the total amount with details of how to pay.

This invoice must be paid by Tuesday, 14th May.

You collect and distribute your tickets

As soon as you have paid for your tickets, you can collect them directly from Artsdepot and distribute them to your parents. Please note that there are no electronic tickets for this event. You must have a paper ticket and lost tickets cannot be replaced. This is why we ask schools to collect them directly.

Remaining tickets go on sale

Once the deadline is passed, all spare tickets will be made available to buy from the Box Office so that families can buy extra if required. These will go on sale from 10am on Tuesday, 21st May. You can therefore direct parents who would like extra tickets to the Artsdepot box office, where they can be bought over the phone or in person. They cannot be purchased online.

This system may seem complicated, but it is designed to ensure that every child performing can have at least one audience member attending, and that every school has a fair opportunity for extra tickets.

Please read our Ticket FAQs carefully which should answer any questions.

The important dates

  • Complete this form by Tuesday, 7th May
  • Pay your invoice by by Tuesday, 14th May
  • Let parents know that extra tickets are on sale from by Tuesday, 21st May