Instrument Hire Terms and Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions relating to the hire of instruments.

  1. The instrument remains the property of Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT).
  2. The instrument will be insured by the parent / carer under an all risks new for old policy. It is the responsibility of those obtaining insurance to check the conditions and exemptions of the policy.
  3. The instrument shall be returned to BEAT in the event that any repairs are required. Repairs due to normal wear and tear will not be charged for at the discretion of the Trust. Repairs which are necessary due to malicious or accidental damage will be charged for.
  4. The costs of any damage to or loss of any accessories supplied with the instrument including cases, bows, slings, mouthpiece caps, end stops, cleaning rods and cloths, will be met by the parent / carer. The replacements of strings or reeds are the responsibility of the parent / carer.
  5. Instruments which are lost, stolen or in the view of BEAT damaged beyond repair, will be charged to the parent / carer at the full replacement value. This will be the full purchase price at the time of loss, theft or damage.
  6. Instrument hire is subject to availability and are only available to children taught by tutors employed by BEAT either at Barnet schools or BEAT Music Academies.
  7. This hire agreement may be terminated by BEAT upon giving two weeks notice. In this instance the instrument should be returned to the BEAT Office by the due date and a refund of fees will be given in proportion to the fees paid to date. No refunds will be given if the child wishes to give up the instrument part way through the term.
  8. Upon termination of this hire agreement the instrument shall be returned to the BEAT Office in the same condition in which it was issued. If the instrument is not returned upon termination of this agreement the parent / carer will be liable for the full replacement value of the instrument at the time of termination.
  9. This contract constitutes a legally binding agreement. Breach of any terms or conditions may result in legal proceedings being taken. Statutory rights are not affected.
  10. Fees for the hire of instruments are paid on a termly basis.

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