School Music Development Plan

The National Plan for Music Education published in June 2022 says:

“Every school should be able to articulate their plan for delivering high-quality music education and supporting pupils to progress, just as they would in any other curriculum subject. This should be connected to the school’s wider offer and development, as supported by their School Improvement Plans and, where relevant, trust Improvement Plans.”

This document also sets out the role of Music Hubs to:

“support all state-funded schools in their area through ongoing relationships to help them deliver high-quality music education, including a quality curriculum support offer, specialist tuition, instruments and ensembles; and a broad range of progression routes and musical experiences for all pupils”

You can contact BEAT for a free one hour meeting to discuss ways in which you can develop and improve your music provision. Please use the form below.

In order to support primary schools with the process of evaluating and improving their Music offer, we have developed a self-evaluation tool, aimed at Head Teachers, Senior Leadership Teams and Music Leads, which outlines the activities that could be offered as part of a progressive music programme.

Self Evaluation Tool for Primary Schools

Schools may be at different stages on this journey – some may already have significant provision, others may need more support in further developing their work. The self-evaluation tool is designed to be relevant and useful for a wide range of starting points.

BEAT can help all schools with the following services (some support is free, some is purchased but subsidised by our ACE Music Hub funding):

  • Music Networking – with music practitioners in schools across the borough
  • Training opportunities – CPD run by BEAT, and signposting to other good quality CPD
  • Curriculum support – advice is always available; extended and tailored support is also available as a purchased service (via the Barnet Partnership for School Improvement)
  • Infant Music Festivals (KS1), Barnet Schools Music Festivals (KS2), Celebration of Singing (KS3) – support singing access, quality and progression, promote ambitious curriculum content, and provide a performance opportunity for children and a development opportunity for teachers.
  • Whole Class Ensemble Projects – we can provide instruments and expert tutors to teach instruments to whole classes, giving inclusive access to the experience of learning an instrument and supporting both your curriculum offer and take-up of instrumental tuition
  • Instrumental and Vocal tuition – we can provide visiting tutors in a range of instruments. These are offered as IITs (Individual Instrumental Tuition where parents deal directly with BEAT and tutors visit your school) or Buyback (the school deals with parents and purchases teaching hours directly from BEAT)
  • Extra curricular music activities – we can provide tutors to run clubs and groups, or to work alongside and train school-based staff
  • Signposting – to lessons, groups and ensembles in BEAT’s three Music Academies

Useful documents

BEAT School Music Education Plan

Model Music Curriculum (Full)

Self Evaluation Tool for Primary Schools

School Music Education Plan Meeting

Contact BEAT for a free one hour School Music Education Plan (SMEP) meeting to discuss ways that you can develop and improve your music provision. Schools can book an online meeting by sending a message via the form below.

Useful further reading

Music Research Review

Mark Phillips, Senior HM Inspector and Ofsted's National Lead for Music, talks about:

  • the music research review and what effective music education looks like.
  • the music research review and the role of the three interrelated pillars of music education.
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