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At BEAT, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly resource hub for educational institutions, students, music ensembles, and staff members.

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Features of our Resource Hub

School Resources

Access a wealth of educational materials tailored for schools. From lesson plans and educational tools to administrative guidelines, we offer a variety of resources to help educators create a conducive learning environment.

Content Resources

Discover an array of resources designed to support student learning and development. From Instrument maintenance to inspiring articles, practice techniques and GCSE / A level resources, we aim to empower students on their educational journey.

Ensemble Resources

Here you’ll find sheet music and rehearsal recordings to elevate your ensemble experience.

Staff Resources

Our hub provides valuable resources for staff members, including professional development materials, training resources, and guidelines for effective teaching and mentorship.

Protected Access

Some resources within theses pages are password-protected to ensure privacy and security. These password-protected sections contain sensitive or exclusive materials that are intended for specific users. If you have received a designated password, simply select the appropriate link and enter the password to access these specialised resources.

Open Access

In addition to the password-protected sections, we also offer a selection of resources that are freely accessible to all visitors. These resources are designed to provide general guidance, tips, and information to a wider audience.