Vision and Mission

Who we are

Who we aspire to be

What we aim to do

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Our vision is to be an inclusive and diverse nucleus for high quality music education in Barnet, offering opportunities for a breadth of musical pathways, with a delivery that encompasses our four core values.


Our mission is to provide high quality musical opportunities for all children and young people in Barnet to develop a life-long love of music and realise their musical potential whilst developing their personal and social identity.

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Our core values


We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive service.


We aim to build an equitable, diverse and inclusive music education culture where everyone is valued and recognised for their unique qualities, identities, ideas and voices.


We believe in enabling everyone, whatever their background or circumstances, to aspire and have the ambition to reach, realise and exceed their musical potential.


High quality music making and leadership is at the centre of our work, led by the expertise of our staff and the quality of our partnerships.

Our key goals

Promote high quality music education

  • To ensure all children and young people have access to a broad range of high quality musical opportunities both in schools and out of school settings, through which they can pursue their interests and achieve their potential.
  • To engage with all Barnet schools by supporting their music curriculum and offering access to high quality music opportunities.
  • To recruit, train and retain excellent musicians and professional music educators
  • To evaluate all BEAT activities ensuring the highest levels of quality assurance and informing our decisions for future projects and event.

Support and advocate

  • To focus relentlessly on inclusion at all levels of the organisation being clear that musical diversity will be the driver for ensuring full access to all.
  • To ensure all activities are accessible and affordable, irrelevant of circumstances.
  • To recognise every participating student as an individual with their particular abilities, needs and aspirations.
  • To increase the diversity of people, practices and curriculum within the BEAT community.

Progressive pathways

  • To offer real, quality progression routes through our Academies which are easily accessed and clearly visible to all children, young people and families.
  • To expand musical opportunities for children and young people at Secondary schools and post-16 provision in Barnet.
  • To continue to develop a communication and marketing strategy which ensures that families and schools have information about musical opportunities and progression routes.
  • To enable young people to access professional musicians, see aspirational performances and encourage progression routes through concerts, workshops and masterclasses.

Partner organisations

  • To develop more valued and valuable relationships with schools.
  • To establish more strategic and delivery partnerships to continue to improve inclusive and equitable practice across the borough.
  • To seek opportunities to work collaboratively with other local music hubs.
  • To signpost young people to appropriate National organisations, promoting their events and activities via our social media.
  • To enhance connections to communities, local and national.

Our success indicators

  • High quality musical opportunities

    BEAT is known as the main provider of high quality musical opportunities in the borough.

  • Inclusion

    Greater inclusion is apparent in all parts of the organisation.

  • Increased engagement

    Increased engagement by children and young people learning an instrument especially after first access.

  • Increased number of schools engaging

    Increased number of schools engaging with BEAT activities i.e. IIT, WCET, BSMF and IMF, workshops

  • Increased number of children attending

    Increased number of children attending BEAT academies and ensembles Increased number of children in receipt of remissions.

Quality will be measured by evaluating data returns, feedback conversations with primary head teachers and heads of high school music departments, and through our networks.