Learn to Play

We offer a wide range of music opportunities for young people across the borough. Instrument and vocal lessons can take place in school, or at one of our three music centres.

BEAT Music Academy West

St Mary’s & St John’s School,
Sunningfield Road, Hendon, NW4 4QR

BEAT Music Academy Central

Dollis Primary School,
Pursley Road, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2BU

BEAT Music Academy East

East Barnet School,
5 Chestnut Grove, 
East Barnet EN4 8PU

❛ Making music with other people is fun, challenging and fulfilling. ❜

Unsure what instrument to choose?

Generally the best age for starting to play an instrument will depend on the child - their size, ability to concentrate and, for wind and brass instruments, whether they have their second teeth through. It is not possible to start woodwind and brass instruments (apart from the recorder) if the second top and bottom teeth are not fully through. Saxophones can be quite heavy and might not be suitable for a child with small hands. Please enquire with the school if your child is younger than Year 3 to check that lessons are suitable for your child's age group.

Other considerations

  • Have they heard anyone play the instrument they are choosing?
  • Do you have any noise factors to consider as they will have to practise regularly in order to make progress (e.g. neighbours). All instruments will take a level of commitment from both the child and the parents in order for progress to be made.
  • Do you already have an instrument? Pianos, guitars and drum kits are not available from us to hire and we hire out other instruments subject to availability. You will need an instrument at home for them to play on (and to take to lessons - we do not expect you to take drum kits, keyboards and pianos into school!)
  • Have you asked your school whether they offer tuition directly?

Generally most instruments are suitable for most children in Year 3 and above. Occasionally infant schools may offer violin, cello, recorder, piano, keyboard, guitar and ukulele.