1. Introduction

The Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT) takes the views of stakeholders seriously and subscribes to the principle that complaints help the organisation to improve practice. If there are any concerns about the way we work we welcome early notification of this as this can help us to resolve a situation before it escalates.

2. Dealing with concerns and complaints

We will answer concerns in the following way.

2.1. Stage 1 (informal)

If a concern is raised about a teacher employed by BEAT to work in a school, we will try to resolve the issue informally by contacting all concerned parties. Issues concerning teachers should be addressed to the relevant line manager. To ascertain the name of the line manager, details of the concern should be sent via the contact form at the bottom of this page. This information will then be forwarded to the relevant line manager. At this stage the concern will not be treated as a formal complaint.

If the concern cannot be dealt with informally the matter must be dealt with by the following formal process.

2.2. Stage 2 (formal)

A formal complaint must be made in writing to the line manager identified in paragraph 2.1. Once a formal complaint is identified the following process will begin.

If the parent pays the school for tuition, BEAT will hand the information over to the school. If the school wish to pursue the complaint on behalf of the parent, they have 7 days from the day the issue was formally identified as a complaint to inform BEAT in writing. BEAT will then have 14 days to investigate the complaint and try to meet with both parties to find a resolution. This stage will normally be investigated by the relevant line manager.

If the parent pays BEAT directly, the relevant line manager will investigate the complaint and report back to the parents within 14 days to try to resolve matters.

If a resolution cannot be agreed, the complaint will escalate to Stage 3.

2.3. Stage 3 (formal) Adjudication by the Chief Executive Officer

At this stage all communications will be passed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who will take statements from all parties, consider all the evidence available, reach a conclusion and attempt to agree an amicable resolution.

The decision of the CEO will be final.

3. Complaints against the CEO

If the complaint is about the CEO, the information must be sent by post to the BEAT office in an envelope marked “CONFIDENTIAL: FOR THE ADDRESSEE ONLY” and be clearly marked for the attention of the CHAIR OF TRUSTEES. The Chair of Trustees will then appoint at least two trustees to investigate the matter. The trustees will take statements as necessary, consider all the evidence available and reach a conclusion which they will report to the Chair of Trustees. BEAT will use their best endeavours to resolve all complaints against the CEO within 28 school days.

The decision of the trustees will be final.

It will be the role of the Chair of Trustees to report the judgement to the complainant and attempt to agree an amicable resolution.

Concerns and complaints

Issues concerning teachers should be sent via the form below.

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