WCET Celebration Concert

In a spectacular display of musical talent and enthusiasm, the BEAT Whole Class Ensemble projects concluded the summer term with a joyous celebration festival at artsdepot.

The morning session commenced with 150 brass and woodwind students. We heard fantastic performances from each school. All the students then collaborated together and skillfully filled the air with renditions of iconic classics, including “I Feel Good” and “We Will Rock You.”

As the afternoon unfolded, the stage was graced by ukulele and samba students, whose vibrant tunes and rhythmic beats created an electrifying atmosphere.​

The culmination of the summer term marked a significant milestone for the BEAT Whole Class Ensemble projects, leaving a lasting impression on the participating students and their teachers.

The concert was a tremendous success, and it was heartwarming to witness the dedication and passion displayed by our young musicians. We are thrilled to announce that we will be carrying forward this tradition, providing future generations with an opportunity to showcase their talents and bring joy to the community.

The BEAT Whole Class Ensemble projects have been instrumental in nurturing musical talent and promoting a love for the arts among students. Through these initiatives, young individuals have been able to explore their creative potential, develop essential skills, and foster a lifelong appreciation for music.

“Fantastic experience. Thank you so much for putting this together. Please can we have the same event next year, or even each term!”