Normandy Tour July 2023

The July 2023 Normandy Tour was a source of immense pride for the exceptional group of musicians involved. This five-day tour took place in Normandy, France, featuring three outstanding concerts held at Chateau de Canon, Juno Beach, and Honfleur.

The musicians’ exceptional talents were showcased at these distinct venues. The Chateau de Canon provided a grand and historic backdrop, Juno Beach added a poignant touch, as the musicians paid tribute to history through their performances, connecting the present with the past. For the concert in Honfleur, known for its artistic heritage, our young musicians seamlessly blended their melodies with the local talents, forging a harmonious fusion.

In essence, the Normandy Tour of July 2023 was a testament to the musicians’ ability to not only come together in creating remarkable musical experiences but also to embody exceptional ambassadorship for both BEAT and Barnet.

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