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BEAT Music Academy West is a warm and friendly environment for your child to enjoy excellent musical training and experiences. Whether you are a young classical, jazz or rock musician we have bands and groups at our Saturday Music Academies.

Please see below for information about opportunities for your child. Please click here for fees, timetable and term dates.

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Aged 3-8

Foundation Stage 1

Formally Young Music Makers, this is aimed at school Nursery and Reception age children. Classes are 30 mins per week and aim to introduce children to the enjoyment of practical music making, and to develop musicianship skills from the earliest possible age. They will learn to sing, play percussion instruments and understand basic music notation, rhythm and pitch, alongside learning social skills such as interacting in groups, and sharing a love and enthusiasm for music.

Foundation Stage 2

Formally Young Music Makers, this is aimed at children in Year 1 and 2 at school. These classes are 45 mins per week and offer children the opportunity to further develop their musicianship skills, as well as the chance to learn a different musical instrument each term, giving them a foundation to learn an instrument of their choice when they graduate from these classes. Children can join these classes at any stage, regardless of whether they took part in the Early Years Foundation Stage 1 classes.

Training Choir

30 mins per week of tuition, this is aimed at children aged 5-7. Your child will have the opportunity to learn songs drawing from a range of musical genres and traditions.

Recorder Group 1 (Beginners)

30 mins tuition per week, your child will have the opportunity to learn the recorder in a fun and supportive environment. This group is suitable for beginners aged 5-7.

Recorder Group 2

30 mins tuition per week, your child will have the opportunity to continue their progress on the recorder in a fun and supportive environment. This group is suitable for children aged 6-8 who have some experience of learning the recorder, either through Recorder group 1 or at school.

Aged 7-18

Starter Bands

Here your child will have the opportunity to learn a wind, brass, string or percussion instrument in a group setting. Classes are 45 mins per week and are suitable for absolute beginners or children who already learn, either individually or through Whole Class Ensemble Tuition in school, but are pre grade 1.

Training Band/ Training Strings

Suitable for instrumentalists who are grade 1 – 3 standard on their instrument. Two hours of tuition, comprising 1 hr 30 mins of ensemble tuition plus one 30-minute enrichment activity. Please see below for a list of possible enrichment activities to choose from.

Ensemble rehearsals will also include a singing for musicianship element, led by a specialist tutor in partnership with the ensemble leader. This is a new aspect of our provision and the focus would not be on teaching instrumental students to sing as such, but on a broader aural/oral approach to improving musical playing. There will be some flexibility with this provision, with up to 15 mins of rehearsals given over to this in some weeks.

Academy Band/ Academy Strings

As above, but aimed at students who are grade 4-5 standard on their instrument.

Academy Choir

45 mins of tuition per week, this offers a progression route for children who have graduated from the Training Choir, but is open to all children aged 7-11. Your child will have the opportunity to learn songs drawing from a range of musical genres and traditions, suitable to their age and level.

Classical Guitar Ensemble

30 mins of tuition per week, aimed at those learning classical guitar.

Enrichment Activities

These are designed to give your child a rich and diverse musical education and are included in the two hours of tuition for Training Band/ Training Strings/ Academy Band/ Academy Strings members.

Your child will be offered a range of activities and asked to indicate a first and second choice preference after enrolment each term. Possible activities may include song writing, music tech, composition, wind/brass/string chamber groups, djembe, jazz ensemble, conducting, music theory, barbershop or a capella. Activities on offer may vary from term to term.

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

We offer individual lessons on most brass and woodwind instruments, violin, voice, guitar, ukulele, drum kit, piano and recorder.

Lessons on the instruments listed above are available to all children subject to availability, and in some cases a suitability test.

BEAT Endangered Instrument Scheme 2020: This scheme is open to double bass, trombone and tuba.

If your child is grade 6 and above on their instrument, or is interested in any of our week day ensembles and instrumental lessons, please see here for opportunities, including BEAT’s flagship Groups.


Email [email protected]

On Saturday mornings the emergency contact number is 07792 711027.


To enrol your child, please click here.  Or why not come and visit us on Saturday mornings - we're open from 9.30am–12.30pm.


We are located at the following address:
St Mary’s and St John’s School, Sunningfield Road, Hendon, NW4 4QR


June 2022

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  • Creative Ensemble
  • BYWO at Dukes Hall
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Creative Ensemble
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Creative Ensemble
  • Barnet Schools Music Festival
  • Creative Ensemble

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