School-Based Music Lessons

Bookings for Autumn Term 2022 are now open.

Deadline for new students is Monday 4th July, 2022.

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If you have a child who has expressed an interest in learning an instrument you need to consider the following before signing up for tuition.

My child wants to play an instrument what should they play and what do we do to book lessons?

  • Generally the best age for starting to play an instrument will depend on the child - their size, ability to concentrate and for wind and brass instruments whether they have their second teeth through.  It is not possible to start woodwind and brass instruments (apart from the recorder) if the second top and bottom teeth are not fully through.  Saxophones can be quite heavy and might not be suitable for a child with small hands. Please enquire with the school if your child is younger than Year 3 to check that lessons are suitable for your child's age group.
  • Have they heard anyone play the instrument they are choosing?
  • Do you have any noise factors to consider as they will have to practise regularly in order to make progress (e.g. neighbours).  All instruments will take a level of commitment from both the child and the parents in order for progress to be made.
  • Do you have an instrument? Pianos, guitars and drum kits are not available from us to hire and we hire out other instruments subject to availability.  You will need an instrument at home for them to play on (and to take to lessons - we do not expect you to take drum kits, keyboards and pianos into school!)
  • Have you asked your school whether they offer tuition directly?

Generally most instruments are suitable for most children in Year 3 and above.  Occasionally infant schools may offer violin, cello, recorder, piano, keyboard, guitar and ukulele. Please remember to enquire with the school if your child is younger than Year 3 to check that lessons are suitable for your child's age group.

If the name of your school is not on the system, please ask them if they offer tuition directly.

All BEAT teachers are fully DBS checked and their teaching is regularly monitored.

Lessons are available on a range of instruments including: violin, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, drum kit, guitar (classical, folk, electric, and bass), piano, keyboard, brass, tabla and voice (the instruments offered by your school may vary).

The rates for the Autumn Term 2022 are:

  • £215.00 for 10 lessons of 30 minutes duration.
  • £146.00 for 10 lessons of 20 minutes duration
  • £110.00 for 10 lessons of 15 minutes duration (may share 30 minutes with another student if appropriate)

What happens once you have enrolled and paid?

Once you have enrolled you will be placed on a waiting list. Please be advised, places will only be offered if vacancies exist. We cannot guarantee the time the lessons will take place during the school day.

If you need to hire an instrument?

Please contact the Music Office on [email protected] to check hire prices and availability.


BEAT is committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure. We have included changes to our privacy policy to meet the new standards introduced by the new European law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please take a moment to read our Privacy Statement by clicking here.



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