Welcome to the Barnet Schools Music Festival @ Home project!


This video will teach you the song! -> Deep Down


Click on a track to play it.

Right-click on a track name in the numbered list below the player to download.

  1. Yay!
  2. Ask your students to make an audio recording of themselves singing / playing Deep Down. The song has a few simple building blocks and we are asking for these as separate recordings - so each recording is really quite short and your students can choose to submit as few or as many as they wish. There are two ways they can do this.
  3. First way: they sing / play along to one of our learning tracks coming through headphones so that it doesn't come out on the final recording. This can be done using 2 smartphones (or any 2 devices, one for playback and one for recording) and a pair of earbuds or headphones. If possible download the track first to avoid glitches in playback from loading and buffering. See the great "How To..." video above - thanks Caitlin!
  4. Ask them to email their recording to you/your school (in any standard audio format, AIFF or WAV preferred, but don't sweat it), ideally along with a selfie and permission to use that selfie in our final video (their name won't be shared, just their image. The photo is optional).
  5. Share your set of recordings and photos with me julian.[email protected] (work mob: 07817 758729). Depending on file sizes simple email should work, if not we can talk and figure the best way. We are of course expecting your beautiful voices and faces too, so please send audio and a selfie too - you know you would have been singing along to at the Artsdepot 🙂
  6. Second way: You can use the online music maker Soundtrap, which is basically an online version of GarageBand. The advantage of SoundTrap is that all your students need is internet access (it works on any smartphone, tablet or computer), they only need one device to record, and it makes it easy for you to collate their recordings into one place - it is designed for exactly this sort of thing, and makes a nice Music Tech project too. See the great "Soundtrap tutorial..." video above - thanks Peter!
  7. If you would like to explore this option, I'm happy to help you get set up. You can also invite me to be a part of your Soundtrap project, meaning I can assist with techy and audio issues. It's currently free to educators for 120 days, GDPR and safeguarding friendly, and if you can handle GarageBand and Google Classroom you can handle Soundtrap!
  8. Nope, I don't get a cut from Soundtrap, I'm just excited by how easy it is to collaborate with it, and the price is great right now 😬

Two devices record and send, or Soundtrap, whatever works best for you works for us!
Tech questions? Julian - [email protected], 07817 758729
Music questions? Ros - [email protected], 07970 366167

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