Doctor Who Project

Welcome to the Royal Albert [email protected] Doctor Who project!


The Doctor Who Project is now complete! Thanks to everyone who took part ❤️

1. Download sheet music for the Doctor Who Theme here.

2. Listen to the relevant audio tracks below (part predominant on request)

3. Practice using the sheet music and your part predominant (your part loudest) audio track.

4. Try playing through with the full mix audio track to get a feel for how your part fits in the arrangement.

5. Record while listening to your part predominant audio track!

  • Use the link in Syvia's [email protected] / Doctor Who email to join BEAT's Soundtrap group. It's basically an online version of GarageBand / Audacity. It works on any smartphone, tablet or computer, you only need one device to listen and record, and it makes it easy for me to help and troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • Email me (Julian) letting me know what part you're playing (instrument and beginner/intermediate/advanced) and I will set you up with a project with a full mix and a part predominant (your part loudest) track.
  • Main thing to remember? Use headphones to record so that the backing track doesn't come out on the final recording!
  • If you'd like your / your child's photo to be part of the project then send the completed recording permission slip and photo to me [email protected].

Tech questions? Julian - [email protected], 07817 758729

Music questions? Sylvia - [email protected], 07792 711 027

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