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Tallis Canon & Gospel Medley Challenge

Sheet music

Designed for our Music Academy students - but definitely made for all! We have two melodies: a Tallis’ Canon, and a Gospel Medley. Create a performance, keep it simple or be as creative as you want, record it and send it to us or share it on social media and tag us!

The Tallis’ Canon is a simple tune that works well in canon - weird... If you've got multiple musicians (or singers) in the house, or have and know your way around any multitrack app/program, have a go. If you have neither, no problem, look further down for details about Soundtrap. Each part enters at one bar intervals. It can repeat as many times as you want, and you can vary the performance by adding instruments, changing the dynamics, using different styles etc. Or just go crazy and mash it up with whatever 😬

The Gospel Medley is a medley (I know, who saw that coming) of three songs which layer - in other words you can play all three at the same time and they fit together. Excuse our midi tracks. Real tracks may follow.

Some ways you could record your performance:

  • get a phone or tablet, hit record on the movie setting of your camera, and play 🙂
  • get a phone/tablet/laptop, open the multitrack software of your choice (eg GarageBand, Audacity), and play! Then play again. Then play again 🙂
  • if you'd like to send a recording to us to be combined with other performances, play along to one of the example tracks above, listening through headphones so that it doesn't come out on the final recording. You can do this by using 2 smartphones or any 2 devices, one for playback and one for recording, and a pair of earbuds or headphones. If possible download the example track first to avoid glitches in playback from loading and buffering when you record.
  • try Soundtrap, which is basically an online version of GarageBand. The advantage of SoundTrap is that all you need is internet access (it works on any smartphone, tablet or computer), you only need one device to record, and it makes it easy for you to collaborate with other people. Or with yourself. Scroll to the bottom of the linked page to sign up for the free version.

It would be great to get any recordings or links by Saturday 9th May - mainly because we'd love to get another project going 😁

Send recording and questions to [email protected]



A lovely idea from our friends at Sheffield Music Hub to keep musicians young and old active and playing. Hold a #gardengig at 4pm anyday to bring music and positivity to your community. Be mindful of neighbours - short and sweet works best - and if you're using amplification keep it minimal. Video the performance, upload to your Facebook account and tag #gardengig and Barnet Education Arts Trust. We'll repost highlights on our Facebook account and website!

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